XXXitchen Range Feeds Adult Fantasies

 - Feb 26, 2009   Updated: Jun 1 2011
Some people really get off on sex of the food and kitchen variety--to each their own.

However, this new range from the designer of the famed voodoo knife, Raffaele Iannello, may convert you if you're not a believer. He has created a range entitled 'XXXitchen,' a range of gadgets that are kitchen utensils and adult toys in one.

I can think of nothing less sexy!

Implications - In society today, hectic work, family and social schedules can often take away the time normally used to spend with loved ones or significant others. Everyone has personal needs and companies should consider this when designing their products. Items that allow consumers to multi-task and enjoy themselves during mundane routine tasks such as cooking dinner will certainly develop an advantage amongst consumers who are constantly pressed for time. Companies need to reconsider the functionality of their products and try to incorporate dual uses into what it is they are selling.