These Toy Factory 'Little Fellas' Illustrations are Rebellious

 - May 26, 2012
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When it comes to wasted youth it doesn't get much more entertaining than these Toy Factory 'Little Fellas' illustrations. Each frame depicts scenes of reckless abandon and rebellion. In one of the illustrations, a menacing, bat-wielding boy is seen standing atop a rundown ice cream truck accompanied by a disgruntled rabbit. The pair stare at the viewer with an antagonism so palpable one can almost taste it. In another illustration, a young kid riding a tricycle is drawn up to resemble a biker.

Toy Factory illustrated each scene and character with a clear intention of levity. The humor may border on dark and sardonic at times, but it is humorous nonetheless.

In terms of composition and design, the illustrations are crisp and balanced and, as such, could make for great t-shirt decals.