Sierra Club Names US Eco Shcools

 - Aug 28, 2008
The Sierra Club has just released its new feature on green colleges, listing what they named the Top Ten Green Universities. It used to be that small, private colleges seemed to be the only ones that cared. Now the supersized universities are realizing that adopting green strategies is a smart move to reduce costs and attract students.

The ten schools that "get it" are (enrollment):

#1 Middlebury College (2350);
#2 University of Colorado-Boulder (29,000);
#3 University of Vermont at Burlington 10,750 students, Burlington, Vermont
#4 Warren Wilson College, 850 students, Swannanoa, North Carolina
#5 Evergreen State, 4400 students, Olympia, WA
#6 Arizona State at Tempe, 51,500, Tempe AZ;
#7 University of Florida - Gainesville, 50,000, Gainesville, FL;
#8 Oberlin College, 1500 students, Oberlin, OH
#9 University of Washington at Seattle, 39,250
#10 Tufts University, 10,000, Medford MA.