‘Top Gear' Drives Ford Fiesta in Mall, Brings in Royal Marines

 - Dec 10, 2008
References: bbc & autoblog
The car reviews from ‘Top Gear’ are always entertaining--Jeremy Clarkson has the best job possible in the automotive world--but his latest review of the Ford Fiesta takes entertaining to a level worthy of a theatrical release.

The action in this 10-minute ‘Top Gear’ review starts around the 4:00 mark, where Jeremy Clarkson drives the Ford Fiesta into a British mall, where it’s chased by a Corvette, action movie-style. While utilizing the front-wheel drive to its fullest and hand-braking around a potted palm tree, Clarkson is still in full review mode, narrating the car’s performance all the while.

As you might guess, the Corvette can’t keep up in these tight quarters. It embodies the proverbial bull in a china shop, taking out store displays and getting stuck in a department store.

The next segment of the ‘Top Gear’ Ford Fiesta review answers the question "Is it Green?" by bringing in the Royal Marines. I won’t spoil the end of the review, but Jeremy Clarkson learns two key things: The Ford Fiesta can swim, and smoke grenades fit perfectly in its cup holders.

After watching this ‘Top Gear’ Ford Fiesta review, somehow thumbing through another issue of ‘Car and Driver’ feels subpar.