This Ad for Tommy John Promotes Its Form-Fitting Underwear

 - Oct 14, 2015
References: youtube & adweek
This hilarious ad for underwear brand Tommy John depicts the daily plight for most men that leaves them uncomfortable, forcing them to adjust their underwear. In promoting its form fitting men's underwear, Tommy John was able to not only depict the moments of discomfort for men, but also for those around them.

While most men adjust in private, others are much less secretive about it, and this ad shows exactly what the culprits look like. Although public discomfort is not a new storyline for underwear ads, Tommy John is able to show the breadth of scenarios that spans age, race and occupation and activity. Furthermore, the humor lies in the varying reactions by those surrounding these underwear adjusting men.

The commercial ends with the line: "When you're uncomfortable, we're uncomfortable," further explaining why Tommy John is the right choice for not just the wearer, but everyone else too.