Tom O'Hern Illustrates Portraits of People with Disfigured Visages

 - Feb 21, 2012
References: oldtombone.blogspot & juxtapoz
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so there is a possibility of someone in the world actually finding the faces in these Tom O'Hern illustrations attractive. But chances are, O’Hern designed each visage to look as visually peculiar as possible, both as a stylistic choice and to garner a specific audience reaction. Even though these images almost force viewers to look away, there’s no denying the incredible talent that went into rendering each of them.

Tom O'Hern illustrates primarily using ink, and he gravitates towards drawing odd things in a style evocative of Robert Crumb. The amount of detail O’Hern has put into drawing each imperfection on these portraits is simply astounding. It makes viewers want to closely analyze each illustration despite knowing they'll feel grossed out afterwards for having done so.