Tom Kavanagh's 'ECC. Photographs From Offset Festival 2009'

 - Aug 6, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: tomkavanagh & dazeddigital
Tom Kavanagh's book, 'ECC. Photographs From Offset Festival 2009,' is a photo documentary of the ECC Stage and Offset Festival that captures some visuals of the DIY post-punk movement. Using film cameras from the 1970s and digital manipulations, Tom Kavanagh creates photographs that have an uncanny resemblance to the punk-rock movement that took place thirty years ago.

Tom Kavanagh's book takes a serious look at how underground subcultures create meaning for themselves and their scenes.

Implications - Kavanagh attributes his newest collection of photographs to his attraction to deviant subcultures, claiming that subgroups from the past are being reinvented by this generation and incorporating the values and beliefs of modern day to create new scenes.