The Tom Buchanan 'Feature' Series Makes a Statement on Culture

The Tom Buchanan 'Feature' series beams the faces of famous characters in new and strange landscapes. Created by the South African photographer Tom Buchanan, the images in the series replace the posts of humans with television screens. The portraits within the television screen are the faces of movie stars shown in famous film stills, hence the title of the series, 'Feature.'

Buchanan carried the television set around the country finding locations that would have a familiarity for the viewer but would be an odd context for the characters. The uncanny sense can be seen in the image of Jack Nicholson's face in his infamous role as Randle McMurphy from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest beaming from the TV screen located outside a gas pump.

These conceptual photographic portraits from the Tom Buchanan Feature help infuse people into the landscape.