The Tom Bagshaw Portfolio is Full of Soft Touch Staples

 - Jul 27, 2011
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One look at the Tom Bagshaw portfolio is like taking a glimpse into the mind of a fashion-obsessed illustrator with an eye for detail, shape, and style.

Bagshaw is a commercial illustrator based in Bath, England, and has applied his unique aesthetic in work for major brands like the BBC, Kraft, GQ, and Saatchi & Saatchi, as well as on book covers for publishing houses like Random House and Scholastic.

When viewing the Tom Bagshaw portfolio, it's easy to see why. He blends a passion for light colors and pastels with precise wardrobe choices for his subjects, creating art that is appealing for his technique and intriguing for its fashion.

The Tom Bagshaw portfolio shows an artist committed to illustrating the beauty, strength, and quirky nature of women, without oversexualizing his subjects or ignoring their femininity.

My favorite image from the Tom Bagshaw portfolio is the one that features a brash, Amelia Earhart-like woman in a leather jacket, brown dress, and black jeans, wearing a flying cap and shades. The confidence, attitude, and style she effuses seems to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the Tom Bagshaw portfolio. His distinctive aesthetic powers through. Bagshaw's work has the kind of immediately distinguishable look that artist's struggle for years to find.

Up next for Bagshaw: an exhibit at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California, set for Saturday August 6th 2011.