Michael Berger's Toilet Museum Features 'Pee on Adolf Hitler' Urinal

 - May 7, 2011
References: metro & uniquedaily
The sometimes smelly and disgusting toilet is being celebrated in this toilet museum created by German Michael Berger. Although some may wonder why anyone would pay to look at toilets, the museum holds some interesting toilet-related objects.

The toilet museum includes things like toilet seat covers and silly toilet brushes with funny expressions painted on them. The main draw of the toilet museum is the 'Pee on Adolf Hitler' urinal, which has his face painted on it. Designed after World War II to show disapproval for his behaviour, this urinal is a great way to release any negativity you may have towards the former dictator.

As the 69-year-old German toilet connoisseur puts it, "This is my present to humanity. I am mad, but I love loos." If you love toilets too, this toilet museum is definitely worth checking out.