The TrioCup To-Go Cup Has an Award-Winning, Origami-Esque Tri-Fold Top

 - Nov 6, 2017
References: triocup & springwise
The origami-style design of this to-go cup does away with the need for a plastic lid. Created by Cooper Union engineering students, the TrioCup is a convenient one-piece container that is compostable as well.

Its tri-fold top is spill-resistant with a quick and easy drinking slot you can unfold and cover back up again. This takes the same amount of time to place a lid on a conventional disposable cup. Even though the design requires more paper to make, estimates suggest the to-go cup can still compete cost-wise as it doesn't require a cover. The TrioCup was recently awarded the 2017 New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize and its team is working on the final, fully recyclable product to bring to market.