The Tipton Mills Probiotic Instant Coffee Promotes Healthy Living

 - Jan 16, 2013
References: tiptonmills & psfk
The flu season is upon those living in the Northern Hemisphere, so taking extra steps to avoid coming down with one is crucial; the Tipton Mills Probiotic Instant Coffee is one such step that is, thankfully, more enjoyable than painful. As its name suggests, this coffee mixture is riddled with probiotics to support digestive and immune health, and thus fighting off flus as well.

Specifically, the Tipton Mills Probiotic Instant Coffee contains GanedenBC30, which was developed by Ganeden Biotech. Touted as the world's first probiotic coffee, it boasts 10 times the cultures that regular probiotic yogurt has. Since GanedenBC30 isn't sensitive to temperature and stomach acids, it has some promising future uses in the food and drink industry to help promote a healthy lifestyle.