These Tiny Quadcopters Can Paint Stunning Portraits Of People

 - Aug 5, 2016
References: mcgill & newatlas
A professor working out of McGill University in Montreal, Canada has developed a technology that makes it possible to use very tiny quadcopter drones to go about creating wonderfully accurate and beautiful portraits of people.

The setup makes use of a highly specialized and innovative technique called 'stippling', in which images are comprised of an array of small individual dots. A computerized remote-control mechanism is used in conjunction with a motion-capturing camera and special algorithms to program in the flight paths of the drones, which create the images by making use of sponge tips that can be refilled with ink.

So far, the drone has put together portraits ranging from 400 dots all the way up to 2,000 dots, and could eventually be used in a tethered fashion to remove the need for battery recharging.

These tiny quadcopters could eventually be used to create large-scale murals.