Tiny Crime Scene Tape is Perfect for Office Pranks

 - Dec 1, 2011
References: aintrocketshop & ohgizmo
Office crimes may go unreported more often than not, but Tiny Crime Scene Tape hopes to change all of that. All this tape needs is a person bold enough to actually give this mini adhesive some authority. That, or it simply needs an office full of people with great senses of humor. Perfect for office pranks, Tiny Crime Scene Tape will surely raise morale while inadvertently keeping people in line as well.

Brought to us by United Kingdom-based Ain't Rocket Shop, the Tiny Crime Scene Tape could be used for sensitive documents, opened snack packs or even to ensure some much-needed privacy. No thicker than a dime, this tape would also make a great gift for that Grissom wanna-be.