Beyonce and Tinder Create the Perfect Rejection Joke with OUShirts

 - Sep 6, 2013
References: etsy & buzzfeed
Tinder is the latest app which makes rejection hurt a little less on the online dating scene. In a joke as lighthearted as the app itself, OUShirts combines Beyonce and Tinder together to create a harmless, hilarious rejection pun.

With the app Tinder, you can express interest in a person by sliding their photo to the right on your touchsceen; when you want to reject someone, you slide to the left. It only makes sense that Beyonce would reject everyone, relating back to her song 'Irreplaceable' where she sings: "to the left, to the left." .

Beyonce and Tinder -- what more could you want on a tank top? Now go out and celebrate your two favorite fads and join in on the Tinder app humor. You will be sure to spark conversation and hey, it may even land you a date.