Artist Leon Chew Leaves Behind Abstract Artworks in Hotel Rooms

 - Aug 1, 2014
References: leonchew & designtaxi
The tin foil sculptures of Leon Chew is an unexpected treat for the cleaning crew at the hotels he has stayed at. Inspired by Martin Kippenberger, who uses hotel stationary to create artworks in his hotel rooms, the United Kingdom artist used only tape and tin foil to create his abstract constructions, both of which are universal materials of little value.

From wrapping tables and chairs to leaving geometric patterns out of balls and even random shirt silhouettes, the tin foil sculptures are a playful sight that he expertly captures on camera before checking out. He is a photographer first and foremost, after all. Absolutely artistic, the tin foil sculptures give the space they are placed in an otherworldly feel. One that would have been found on a retro sci-fi set.