Timex Life Index Watch

 - May 19, 2008
References: asia.cnet
Timex has invented a life-monitoring patch, the Life Index Watch, that counts the minutes you have left to live. A little morbid, but the concept isn’t new, but never has it been presented in a more practical form.

Chances are, you’ve come across or heard of longevity calculators, but now instead of turning to sites like Deathforecast.com or crunching numbers according to longevity statistics, Timex is making it possible to wear your personal count down clock on your body in a form similar to nicotine patches.

The digits displayed are based on your personal biometrics.

I’m not too sure why anyone would wear this, but it’s probably meant to raise awareness, or remind people that their lives are shortened by smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol and living under stress, and that when they exercise and eat right, they can actually increase their lifespan.