Timeless Clock Coasters Remind You of the Value of Taking a Break

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: ckie
When I think of a mug mat, I think of a coffee table and the idea of leisurely reading a book, browsing the newspaper or chatting with a friend over tea. Of course, these Timeless Clock Coasters could be used beneath your paper coffee cup to produce an effect opposite to the one I thought of with my first impression.

Made by WAKU and sold by CKIE, this set of four tabletop protectors stacks to make the face and dial of a chronometer, complete with indicating marks around its circumference and an hour, a minute and a second hand on different disks. By separating the Timeless Clock Coasters for use, you are metaphorically breaking down the concept of time to take some time out. Ironically, perhaps you're actually on the clock to meet a deadline at your desk.