Tim Hortons Extra Large Cup Changes the Chain's Cup Size Names

 - Jan 19, 2012
References: timhortons & brandchannel
Those of you addicted to Canada’s Tim Hortons coffee will be pleased to know that the old Tim Hortons Extra Large cup size will actually be the chain’s new Large. Tim Hortons is rolling out a new, bigger and badder size, and to accommodate for it, the brand must rename all of its cup sizes.

The new Tim Hortons Extra Large cup will hold 24 ounces, which is 4 more ounces than the Venti cup size from Starbucks. The new cup will be available starting Jan. 23, says the Tim Hortons website. And, since all the cups must be renamed and none of their prices are changing, you’ll now be getting more brew for your buck.

However, those at Dunkin’ Donuts aren’t impressed. According to BrandChannel, the American coffee chain said, "Snooze. We’ve been offering an extra large 24-ounce coffee forever. Wake us when these chumps bring out the big guns."