'Tide Cleaners' Washes, Folds, Dry Cleans and Alters Clothes

 - Mar 16, 2019
References: tidecleaners & future-filter
Detergent brand Tide is now offering consumers more than just laundry products—'Tide Cleaners' provides personalized cleaning services in participating areas. The services that Tide Cleaners offers include washing, folding, drying, alternations and dry cleaning, all of which can be orchestrated from the app.

For the utmost convenience, Tide Cleaners locations will be set up with drop-box lockers in places such as high-rise apartments, offices, supermarkets, standalone 24-hour stores and even vans parked on campuses. As such, users will be able to securely drop off their belongings for cleaning and get a notification when their freshly cleaned garments and goods are available to be picked up.

The on-demand laundry service helps to outsource a mundane chore that many people tend to dread doing themselves.