Transit Operator SJ is Testing Ticket Validation via NFC Microchips

 - Jun 15, 2017
References: & nfcworld
Sweden's passenger train operator SJ is now testing a new kind of ticket validation system that involves equipping commuters with embedded NFC microchips. As a result of this project developed with Epicenter, SJ first made it possible for employees to gain entry to its premises, but some of its business customers soon became curious about the idea as well.

Now, SJ Prio members are testing the microchip ticketing system. As SJ describes: "The only difference for the attendants is that they will now have to scan a microchipped hand to validate the ticket in the same way as they currently scan an SJ Regional Pass."

While there are a number of contactless and biometric systems being implemented across multiple industries, this one is the first of its kind for transportation ticket validation.