Eco-Friendly Adult Toys by the Thuhry Family

 - Dec 19, 2008
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The Thühry Family once manufactured wooden toys for children until, that is, the day his son proclaimed, "Mushrooms look like dildos." It was then that father Elmar Thühry decided to give handcrafted, eco-friendly dildos a shot.

Thühry wisely marketed the wooden sex toys, complete with Mother Thühry’s secret coating, on eBay and they sold  As of this year, the family, based in the small German village of Odenwald, regularly produces forty dildos and vibrators made of wood daily. About 70 products, some with frivolous names like ‘Fuchsschwänze’ and ‘Eichelnauer’, are available from Thühry’s ‘Waldmichlsholdi Collection’.

Although Thühry’s sex-toy business is flourishing, not all of his neighbors are happy. In fact, 50% are shattered due to busloads of tourists interrupting their once quiet village life. On the other hand, during the Christmas season in the nightclub district of Reperbahn, Thühry’s dildos are considered the highlight of the annual Christmas market.