Hot For Hot For Words

 - Oct 6, 2009
References: trendhunter
Naked Books, Phoenetic Bollywood and Baddass Lyrical Graffiti - Today we hunt Hot For Hot For Words: a toast to Marina Orlova

10.  Screw driving on roads! Go off-roading on Brain Castleforte’s "Typographic Landscape" instead!

9. Now you can wear your resume as a T-Shirts… Wearing words was never more career advancing.

8. There is nothing bittersweet about this badass street graffiti being remixed into a song by the Verve.

7. Mercedes-Benz shows us that wordy lightning bolts are cool but texting while driving is not is this

6. Grasshopper chooses these playful, winning words for their commercial to inspire Entrepreneurship and give innovators hope amid the recession.

5. Photographer Arjan Benning has figured out a new way to write words – with flesh in these skin-crawling photos.

4. What’s more fun than a classic Bollywood dance off? How about one that is translated phonetically? Boo-yah.

3. I can’t think of a better way to read Stephen King than off Sports Illustrated cover girl, Bar Refaeli.

And you thought cozying up with a good book was exciting before…

2. Everyone’s favorite word game, Scrabble, must have dropped acid while creating this mind-boggling Campaign.

1. Word nerds everywhere are getting excited for Marina Orlova. This philologist would have Webster himself drooling over her liguistics-loving YouTube videos and she was even named Wired Magazines Sexiest Geek of the Year.

Video of the Day: Marina Orlova