The 'Tripogryph' is a Three-Wheeled Vehicle Concept That Can Fly

The 'Tripogryph' is a three-wheeled vehicle concept that was designed to be a hybrid of a hovercraft and a ground vehicle. The unique form of the vehicle means that it would be capable of hovering just above surfaces with the aid of three smart blowers and two micro-turbine engines.

Overall, the form of the vehicle is compared to a tricycle or a three-wheeled motorcycle, but with more of an elongated form. Much like these kinds of vehicles, the machine's operator would sit atop the Tripogryph and grip a set of handlebars to begin motion.

While the concept is still in the early stages of development, it's envisioned that the machine could be used for the purposes of search and rescue, especially when it's required to cover large open spaces like everglades, beaches or deserts.