Priscilladavanzopics Secures Her Tights By Stitching into her Skin

 - Jun 16, 2009   Updated: Jun 13 2011
References: bmezine
A woman named Priscilladavanzopics decided to secure her tights in the most extreme way. Using a needle, thread and gloves, she self-stitched herself to her hosiery.

The action was presented at the DESENFOMANCE performance festival in Brazil. 

Some body mods can be explained by the history of ritual, but sewing your thigh-highs onto your skin in order to keep your tights up is just absurd.

Implications - Youth demographics are highly skeptical of traditional gender roles. This group seeks to challenge these conventions that they view as arcane by demonstrating their absurdity through hyperbole. Companies should consider how this demographic thinks about itself vis a vis sex and gender identity.