The Wood Art Installation is Filled With Thought-Provoking Trees

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: sharonlevy & mymodernmet
Although the The Wood art installation may looks like it centers around a forest, that forest is anything but real. Yet, it works to instigate conversation about such a natural part of the world. It forces its audience to explore trees in different ways while also examining themselves in the process.

Created by Sharon Levy, The Wood art installation is comprised of a massive 9 foot-tall cross-section of a tree, which is actually a meticulously painted canvas with carved and painted foam rubber serving as the tree bark, as well as a few young pines, which have been made from plywood and wood stain.

According to Levy, The Wood art installation "explores psychologically charged spaces and objects that trigger feelings of wonder, awkwardness, fear, and isolation" via creations "that combine the flatness and pictorial qualities of drawing and painting with the physical presence of sculpture."