The WheelAir Helps Wheelchair Users Regulate Their Body Temperature

 - Jun 17, 2017
References: kickstarter
The WheelAir is ensuring that wheelchair users stay cool, while looking cool. After noticing the lack of internal cooling systems available to wheelchair users, Scottish start-up Staels Design sought to create the world's first cooling backrest cushion, that provides relief without compromising style.

People who live with spinal cord injuries can't sweat and therefore result to hosing themselves down to stay cool. In addition to this, spending up to 12 hours a day in the same chair typically results in discomfort from overheating and the constant back pressure. The WheelAir's revolutionary design offers users the ability to help regulate their body temperature, ensuring optimal comfort, even in the hot summer months. WheelAir's battery-powered air cooling back rest cushion is designed to fit every active lightweight wheelchair, and circulates a constant flow of cool air, providing the relief and comfort necessary for users to go about their day without limitations.