The Trash Book of New York is Made from All-American Trash

 - Dec 14, 2016
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There are different ways to explore cities. Some people prefer eating typical food, others prefer staying at local houses and others prefer taking tourist buses and seeing everything through their cameras. But there are other kinds of people who find it more interesting to get to know cities through the garbage that local people throw and leave on their own streets.

The Trash Book is an editorial project from two nomad art directors who are curious about understanding communities all around the world by traveling and spending some time collecting garbage from different neighborhoods in as many cities as possible. The project aims to propose a new dialogue and a different way to comprehend the complexities and the idiosyncrasies of different societies.

The Trash Book of New York is the first volume of the project, in which pages offer a tour through diverse cultures, American consumerism and capitalism, all living together in the most cosmopolitan city of the world. The book was made and bound exclusively with garbage material found on the streets.