The Pearl Brussels is Five Meters Below the Surface

 - Feb 7, 2017
References: reuters & thedailymeal
They say that people shouldn't go swimming after eating, but, as far as the owners of 'The Pearl Brussels' are concerned, that rule doesn't apply to swimming and eating at the same time. That's because the restaurant is located in an Olympic-sized swimming pool five meters below the surface.

The Pearl Brussels takes its name from the shape of the underwater structure, which is a spherical white orb that serves as a pressurized air pocket in which up to four diners can have a meal. To get into The Pearl, these diners scuba dive down and enter through a hole in the bottom of the structure. Professional server-divers then bring down haute cuisine such as foie gras, lobster salad, and champagne contained in waterproof serving cases. Diners can get the attention of their servers by signalling to them through portholes.