The Night Ripper Uses Nostalgia to Inspire Unsettling Terror In Players

 - Jan 30, 2018
References: puppetcombo & indiegames
Inspired by 80s slasher films and 90s gaming, 'The Night Ripper' is an indie horror game meant to terrify through nostalgia. Developed by solo game developer Puppet Combo, The Night Ripper is the newest title from the developer and follows previous titles 'Babysitter Bloodbath' and 'Power Drill Massacre.' Like the developers' previous titles, this game follows a horror theme, focuses on gore scare tactics and tasks players with surviving a masked killer. The Night Ripper differs however in its adoption of early Playstation graphics, This graphic style plays on the sense of nostalgia many gamers have for the iconic horror games made on that first Sony console. The Night Ripper manages to conjure up images of 'Resident Evil,' 'Silent Hill' and 'Alone in the Dark,' but still manages to maintain its own atmospheric terror.

The Night Ripper has players take control of a young woman named Rachel. In the game, Rachel is forced to take a dark path home and the player is tasked with guiding her through this dangerous journey. Players will interact with people on the street, collect various items and avoid the clutches of a masked killer. This gameplay, coupled with masterful sound design, is sure to terrify players in a deeply unsettling way.