The Navigate Jacket Gets You from Point A to B in Style

 - Dec 9, 2013
References: wearableexperiments & gizmag
It’s quite possible that in the near future everyone will own at least one piece of clothing like the Navigate Jacket. The Navigate Jacket uses LED lights and haptic feedback to help guide you from one place to another. The jacket gets its instructions from your smartphone, only it cuts out the part where you have to bury your face in your phone in order to know where to make your next turn.

The makers of the Navigate Jacket are an Australian company by the name of Wearable Experiments (We:eX), the folks behind Fundawear, the underwear that lets you sexually stimulate your partner via smartphone. The Navigate Jacket was designed for the fashion-conscious and doesn’t look much like any other GPS-enabled articles of clothing. We:eX hasn’t announced a launch date or pricing for its jacket, but this seems like one idea that could find its way to Indiegogo or Kickstarter sooner rather than later.