The Murobox Plays MP3s on a Mechanically Operated System

 - Jun 8, 2018
References: engadget & yankodesign
The Murobox, a portmanteau of Music Robot Box, blends modern technology with the classic music box. Traditional music boxes are often limited by the size of their spring-loaded cylinder, which is often only capable of storing a fraction of a song. The Muraobox does not have this issue as the cylinder is replaced with computer-controlled rings that can add or remove notches that pluck against a steel comb. This computer connection allows the music box to translate MP3 files into playable music with impressive quality.

The design of the Murobox strikes a balance between contemporary and classic, as its mechanized features are proudly on display on top of a white wood stand. The brushed steel of the mechanics are offset with hints of brass and are both robust and aesthetically pleasing.

Image Credit: The Murobox