‘The Motion Paradox’ is a Kaleidoscope of Human Bodies

‘The Motion Paradox’ is a trippy video from Japanese VJ collective, BRDG. It is reminiscent of the human form sculptures by Adam Martinakis and the 3D Wheel of Life sculpture by Monika Horčicová. Only this time, the limbs and torsos can move.

The video is a surreal exploration of the human form. The black and white film features mutilated torsos dancing about in a kaleidoscope of hypnotic beats. Kezzardrix, a member of BRDG used Unity3D game engine, openFrameworks and Max6 to create the visuals. Japanese beatsmith Yogorigami provided the music.  

The film, although slightly unsettling, is also quite captivating. Free-floating hands, feet, legs, torsos and expressionless faces attempt to collide in what can only be described as rhythmic genius. If you feel like watch something utterly trippy, check this video out. I can guarantee you’ll press repeat.