The Living Wall Changes Based on Heat to Mimic the Seasons

 - Jul 19, 2012
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Because we live in a world where the interiors of buildings are consistently controlled by air conditioning and heat systems, which can make us forget about the season outside, design studio Neffa has created the Living Wall, a conceptual interior that makes a statement about the changing seasons.

Neffa's Living Wall comprises a leaf pattern that will change color depending on the heat in the room. When heat is turned on, the "pattern comes alive and automatically brings a sense of autumn indoors," says Neffa's website. Going from black to rust hues when heated (and then back to black when the heat is turned off), the transformative leaves, which were printed with thermo-chrome ink, provide a completely augmented environment to remind us of the beauty that occurs when seasons change.

Visit the Neffa website to watch the video showing the Living Wall in action.