The Type 'The Joy of Books' Video is a Symphony of Fictional Worlds

 - Jan 12, 2012
References: typebooks & mymodernmet
Books are more than pages filled with words, they are a world full of stories, fantasies and imagination, as shown by the Toronto bookstore Type video called The Joy of Books. This incredible stop-motion trailer shows what happens late at night after a bookstore is closed for the day.

Created by couple Sean Ohlenkamp and Lisa Ohlenkamp, owners of the independent bookstore, this animation video beautifully brings books to life. Like a scene from Happy Potter, the books magically change positions and dance among the shelves, creating a fantastic symphony that reminds viewers of the power of books and reading. Accompanied by a lively tune by composer Grayson Matthews, this trailer is already causing quite a buzz in the blogosphere because of its high quality and inspiring theme. Additionally, this project is a smart way to promote the decreasingly popular paper book.

The Joy of Books video took over four days and 15 volunteers to shoot. Watch the video to find yourself submerged in the fun world of fiction.