The Horti Functions as an Irrigation and Sunlight Regulating Device

 - Jul 10, 2019
References: facebook & kickstarter
Spark Electronics recently announced the launch of its new smart plant-watering device, the Horti. The product functions as both an irrigation system as well as a UV solar cell light system. The device is perfect for busy plant owners who often over-water or under-water their plant and takes the guesswork out of being a plant owner.

The smart device is able to measure the amount of water your plant currently has, to ensure it does not rot from excess water or dehydrate from lack of water. The Horti is easy to use, simply place it in the soil adjacent to your plant. Users can choose the appropriate soil moisture with help from the accompanying workbook. Once the Horti is connected with a water container, users can go about their day and be assured their plant is receiving the optimal amount of water.