Damien Rayuela's 'The Halted Traveler' Series Explores Perception

 - May 24, 2012
References: damienrayuela.fr & mymodernmet
'The Halted Traveler' is a beautiful name for a portrait series inspired by a beautiful concept. A term more often associated with German romantic painters such as Caspar David Friedrich, it refers to a person captured from behind facing a glorious landscape. As put by the project's photographer, Damien Rayuela, "The lonely wanderer appears to have been halted by the view of the landscape."

More than, The Halted Traveler portrait series explores the idea of individual perception. What does the person see that has made them stop in their tracks? Rayuela elaborates, "His posture invites you to imagine what he feels facing this landscape in front of his and your eyes." While the viewer may never know, at least they are given the chance to find out.