'The Evolution of the Geek' Infographic Dishes Interesting Facts

 - Dec 13, 2011
References: dailyinfographic
While geeks are often associated, since high school, as a know-it-all about books and tech, there are several other categories that took me by surprise, and 'The Evolution of the Geek' infographic reveals that you could be a geek too.

This infographic shows that the old notion of a comic-book collector is long gone and now many are fiercely geek-chic and cool. The term 'geeks' are no longer looked down upon as now it is commonly referred to someone who is obsessed with a particular area of interest. Apart from the academic, tech and computer geeks, there are a variety of other classified people. For instance, if you know more than your fair share of pop culture, you are a pop culture know-it-all.

Even a complete foodie can be termed as a food geek. So find your secretly stashed finds and decide which one are you.