The Dilla Dimension Celebrates the Late Producer's Last Album

The Dilla Dimension is an interactive 3D short film by Amsterdam-based Cartelle Interactive Studio celebrating J Dilla's iconic final album 'Donuts.' The result is a highly hypnotic and hugely colorful visual experience that may leave you in a trance.

Using the latest in-browser technology, the Dilla Dimension is a captivating and cerebral seven minute short film that is described by Cartelle as a journey of two sugarcoated beings through the universe.

The short film is of course coupled with 'Donuts' as the soundtrack and was released on Dilla Day, the ninth anniversary of the album's release. 'Donuts' was released on Dilla's birthday three days before his death.

The Dilla Dimension is a unique use of cutting edge technology and nostalgia that is likely to introduce the creative studio to a new audience.