The Cuddle Mattress Ensures Couples Can Cuddle More Comfortably

 - Jun 27, 2017
References: cuddle-mattress & producthunt
The pins and needles caused by a person's body weight crushing your arm is a sure way to ruin any intimate moment, inspiring the design of the 'Cuddle Mattress,' which is helping couples embrace by eliminating spooning-induced pain.

This innovative mattress features various slits throughout the surface for the user to comfortable position their arm inside, successfully eliminating arm numbness, or wrist pain and allowing for a more natural sleeping position.

The mattress' slits also help relieve pressure from your arms and shoulders, keeping your spine straighter than traditional mattresses can. Containing two layers of a high-density foam core, this mattress is ideal for couples who thrive on closeness or for people looking to get an ergonomically sound night's rest.