'Sense' Introduces a New Concept for the Consumption of Alcohol

'Sense' is a concept that aims to introduce an entirely new way to reshape drinking rituals and the consumption of alcohol. Sense is described as "a composition of alcohols encapsulated in a glycerine sphere of memories," making it possible to engage one's senses in a rich, long-lasting flavor experience.

Sense was specifically conceptualized for those who seek new experiences with alcohol, particularly "sensitive, sentimental and conscious consumers who perceive alcohol as a product for tasting and savouring." As Sense introduces capsules that are meant to be savoured, it is said to remove many of the negative connotations of drinking.

'Freedom,' 'Summer in Avaldsnes' and 'Lucas' are some of the Sense gel spheres that aim to awaken one's senses and trigger positive memories linked to specific moments in time that are both extremely meaningful and personal.