The Birth by Shoot Me Fashion Showcases a Surreal Beginning

 - Apr 19, 2011
References: & vimeo
The Birth by Shoot Me Fashion clip is created and directed by Ozer and produced by Ezel Domanic. This short film brings a dynamic, soothing, surreal prospect to fashion video portrayal.

It appears that the boxes in the film give birth to fully clothed fashionistas. This idea is quite clever as it grips the viewers from beginning to end with its unpredictable showcase. Starring Rebecca, Sara, Betty and Katrina, the film contains boxes that give birth to each of the models while they come out like a baby would during a traditional birth--the only difference is the procedure is tranquil with calming, classical music.

Combined with the ingenious cinematography by Tolgar Kutlar, fantastic costumes by Armagan Basal and creative production design by Levent Uysal, the surreal fashion in the film signifies a true rebirth of style..