'Bagelheads' are Documented in National Geographic 'Taboo'

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: mostwatchedtoday & laughingsquid
A freaky new fad has risen in Japan that will be documented in the National Geographic 'Taboo' release. The procedure mutilates people's foreheads into a circular shape, producing people known as the Bagelheads. Plastic surgery and injections are usually done to enhance looks, normally with the hope of looking closer to perfection; however, Bagelheads do something drastically different. This is a truly punk craze and involves seriously extreme body modification.

Artist Keroppy is the one responsible for leading this crazy fad. He injects a saline solution into willing people's foreheads, and once the drip is complete, he presses his finger in the center of it to give it a bagel-like appearance. National Geographic is doing a series on these people called Taboo. If you want to see the process in action, stay tuned.