The Archive House in Stavanger, Norway, Features a Crooked Facade

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: archdaily
In a concession to the topsy turvy nature of history, 'The Archive House' in Stavanger, Norway, has a crooked facade that bends around its neatly organized windows. The building holds offices, a cafeteria, an exhibition area, and shelves and shelves of archives that make up the paper trail of the area's history.

History is both clear as day and incredibly, impossibly nuanced, and that duality is at the core of The Archive House's design. The exterior is lined with scores of windows, and those windows create a bright and airy space throughout the interior; this is in line with the clarity of history (things happened and only happened in one specific way). However, the walls surrounding those windows jut out at obtuse angles, creating a dizzying effect that's a testament to the infinite, asymmetrical interpretations placed on historical events.