YouTubers 'Team Edge' Competed in a Game of 'The 5 Second Rule'

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: youtube
In a recent challenge video, the YouTubers in 'Team Edge' -- Bryan, J-Fred, and Matt -- competed against one another in a game of 'The 5 Second Rule.' Far from a challenge that involves eating food off the floor (as the name might hint,) the card game is a fast-paced guessing game that forces players to think on their feet.

The 5 Second Rule involves a simple premise: players need to guess three items that fall within a given category. For instance, if the category is "desserts," the player could guess apple pie, cookies and cheesecake. It seems easy until the key crux is added: players have just five second to name the three items. If they stumble, the next player in line gets a fresh shot immediately.

As Team Edge's challenge video shows, the game is a rapid-fire test of mental acuity.