Thalie by Julie Richoz is Loosely Inspired by Crochet and Knitting

 - Feb 19, 2013
References: & fastcodesign
Thalie by Julie Richoz, a recent ECAL gradute, is a series of delicate bowls made out of thin metal strips. Loosely inspired by the art of crocheting and knitting, they nevertheless have a technical precision that is much more modern than traditional. Of course, the fragile and graceful nature of each bowl is still incredibly feminine even if they will appeal to masculine sides as well.

Created in collaboration with Artecnica, a design company based in Los Angeles, California, Thalie by Julie Richoz manages to transform stainless steel into something closely resembles a textile. According to Artecnica’s artistic director Tahmineh Javanbakht, "We had seen Julie’s work and were very impressed with her brilliant mind." Her past work included Fierzo.