Thailand is Poised to Become Next Value Wine Region

World-class wines are no longer found only in Napa or Southern Europe; Thailand is becoming a home to top quality wines at a sensible price point.

Monsoon Valley, a brand launched in 2003 by Bangkok-based Siam Winery, was the award winner at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (UK) and Syrah du Monde (France) last year.

According to Japan's leading online wine dealer Ikemitsu Enterprises, Moonsoon Valley's white wine has mixed notes of melon, sea minerals and lemongrass. It's a combination that bodes well for pairing with seafood and spicy food. And, perhaps most importantly, it only costs around $11.60 USD per bottle.

Thai wines are referred to as "New Latitude" wines, as the country is beyond the 30th and 50th degree latitude north and south--where most wines come from. Other well-received bottles include the GranMonte Chenin Blanc and the Khao Yai Reserve Shiraz 2000.