This Chinese Theme Park Has Designated Lanes For People Who Walk & Text

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: & theweathernetwork
If you're like me and get annoyed at people who bury their faces in their smartphones and walk around like zombies on busy city sidewalks and streets, you might want to make a trip to the Chinese city of Chongqing, home of the world's first designated texting lanes.

However, these texting lanes are not located on the city's sidewalks but rather in a theme park. The lanes were drawn on a 100-foot stretch of pavement to designate walking space for people whose eyes and locked to their screens and whose attentions aren't focused on what's physically ahead of them.

The dedicated texting lanes have a picture of a phone etched on the ground with the text "cell phones" boldly displayed in English and Mandarin.

While these lanes are merely located in a theme park, the growing problem of smartphone-related pedestrian injuries means you shouldn't be too shocked if they become a reality in other public settings.