Tetra Pak Recycling Containers Consume Cartons with their Tentacles

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: artlebedev
One of the most effective ways to teach kids how to do just about anything is to make the activity fun somehow. These Tetra Pak Recycling Containers by Art Lebedev turn the dull action of dispensing trash into a delightfully rewarding experience.

Firstly, there is nothing uninteresting about the way that these receptacles have been sculpted. By not resembling simple cylindrical garbage bins, the cans are more likely to be amusing to use for young schoolchildren. They take the abstract form of a many-armed monster with a bright orange belly and a rounded green back.

But when flattened cartons and slips of paper are inserted into the boogieman's many slots, things get a lot more exciting. Lights flash, stomachs rumble and the Tetra Pak Recycling Containers belch a grateful "thank you" to every student who feeds one.