Pennsylvania's Cherry Hill Mall is a New Place to Test Drive a Car

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: philly & articles.philly
Going to test drive a car at a dealership usually means that you're serious about buying a new car, however, this experience can be extremely intimidating, especially if you know that a dealer is just trying to make a sale. As part of a new, more relaxed kind of car test drive experience, Pennsylvania's Cherry Hill Mall teamed up with GoMoto for a three-month partnership offering a full car showroom within the mall.

In a spacious area of the mall, the autos are set up so that people can get up close with them. Since people are curious about how a new car will fit into their particular lifestyle, GoMoto founder Ben Catanese even remarks that "I have a set of golf clubs they can test out," so that people can see how well they'd fit in the trunk. Outside of the mall, people can give 30 different cars a test drive.

As much as this experience is meant to increase interaction with prospective customers, Catanese remarks that "We're not here to sell cars. We're reducing the amount of time spent going from dealer to dealer to test-drive and research vehicles."